Sijahk Yoga™ is an energizing workout that fuses yoga and taekwondo, which enhances mental, spiritual, and physical fitness. Sijahk Yoga™ seeks to empower all practitioners by teaching them to reconnect with their inner strength. We believe a solid yoga practice enhanced with techniques from taekwondo form the perfect balance. Yoga poses strengthen, center, and increase flexibility in the body and mind. This foundation supports the kicks, balance, and focus needed in taekwondo practice.

Life is a journey and often presents obstacles that knock us off course. This derailment can present itself as an illness, surgery, divorce, depression, a broken relationship, death, or a myriad of other situations. As a result, we can be left feeling low on energy, lost, and not sure which direction to go. Sijahk Yoga™ can help!

It is our mission to help students ignite their strength, reclaim their voice, overcome their obstacles, and unleash their confidence by

- Creating physical strength and fitness through movement
- Balancing both mind and body
- Eliminating negative energy and emotions
- Facing and conquering fears

In Sijahk Yoga™, we follow seven core principles as steps for reclaiming your strength

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